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Its been a while since I last wrote to this blog. There`s a list of reasons why; Firstly my health, then a couple of bouts of depression, writing other things (Yes, I`m stll writing my book,  No, I`m nowhere near finished), and my new fledgling career as an extra, all coupled with a general despair at the government, and the way this country is headed. I ended up either too angry, or too depressed, to even contemplate writing. And then, yesterday, something happened. Something so incomprehensibe, so alien to me, thatI had to write about it. And what was this catalysmic event? A UFO landing, perhaps?…mounted police baton-charging the local Women`s Institute, maybe?….the local hospital eing discovered as a front for a large-scale, international black-market organ bank?…nope, it was in fact, Dear Reader, two teenagers on the bus…..

My wife and I were on our way home from the doctors at the time, her engrossed in her kindle, me just looking idly out the window, people-watching, when two plastic gangsters got on, one wearing a beanie, one swathed in cheap gold chains. Being together, this thereore necessitated one sitting on the seat in front of us, while the other sat in the seat to the left of us, both sitting at a 45 degree angle, one leg outstretched on the seat. Swiftly, out came the Blackberrys, and the frenzied texting. Beanie, sitting in front of me, then called to his mate……

`Heard that Stevie has gone to America?…Going to college`?

`Yeah, Loser couldn`t take the pressure of rolling with us, innit` said gold chains.


That was it. A 30 second conversation. Beanie started playing some R`nB crap, trying (and failing) to nod in time to it. (He obviously hadn`t heard of Boris` pledge to curb anti-social behaviour on buses….and how on earth can you not be in time to R`nB?….BOOM,boom,boom,BOOM,boom,boom,BOOM…its not freeform jazz, for gods sake)

I sat there, stunned.I had watched them, dull-eyed and slack-jawed. These two were not joking…they really meant what they said. They sneered. In their world, going to college in America (OK, probably not Harvard), is seen as running away, deserving of mockery, that being a big nobody on a sink estate in South London is somehow better, more preferable.

Its not just they`re stupid….not even that they don`t realise the the level of their stupidity. Its the apparent pride in their stupidity that gets me.

And these morons will breed. With other morons. (I say that on the basic presumption that anyone with any intelligence won`t go near them). And their kids will probably end up even bigger morons. Morons who regard anyone who can complete the Sun crossword as an intellectual.

And that makes me wanna cry


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